Introducing the 

it's not your average violin lesson. 

Mission Statement

The mission of the School of Fiddlerock! is to offer a modernized alternative to traditional violin pedagogy,

balancing technical study with the arrangement and performance of non-classical music genres.

Through creating original arrangements, honing improvisational skills,

and exploring stage fright management strategies,

students will have the opportunity to connect with both the music they love

and their audiences in an empowered, artistically rewarding way. 

The Plan

The curriculum for each student will be individually tailored to foster technical and artistic development

through studies and exercises, music theory assignments, arranging songs and composing,

mental game and stage fright management training,  and regular performance experience.

Each student will have one hour of private in-person instruction each week at my home in Marseilles, IL.

Performances will be scheduled in the form of web-based performances and live events

in the Illinois Valley area, and will be held at public music venues, open mic nights,

and restaurants that are age appropriate and/or family friendly. 


Enrollment in the School of Fiddlerock! is initially going to be limited to five students,

as it is extremely important to me that every student gets my undivided attention and

uncompromised presence for our work together. 

This is more than just a weekly lesson—it’s a collaboration. 


Application and Audition Specifics

This program is intended  advancing highschool/college students and older,

but exceptions can be made on a case by case basis.

Fiddlerockers-in-Training should be  of moderately advanced technical level

and comfortable with three-octave scales.

Download an audition application and FAQs here.

Let's get Fiddlerocking!